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Who are we ?

More than just games, a unique sensorial experience.

Sentosphère was created by Véronique Debroise. Her passion for perfumes has led her to travel the world and to write books on aromatic raw materials.

To share her passion, she decided to create the first olfactory games : Le Loto des Odeurs, Magic Odor, Fragrances, Parfumaster, Bacchanales and la Route des Epices. So many new, easy to make, sensorial experiences, a token of happiness shared between all generations.

Quickly, she realized the touch, the taste, sight and hearing were neglected from western education. She therefore fondly decided to develop specific products to awaken all five senses.

This is how games to awaken the taste such as le Loto des Saveurs or les Oies Gourmandes, le Kiosque à Bonbons or l’Ecole des Gourmets came to life along with games to awaken the sight with creative and artistic products such as Aquarellum, Sablimage or the entire Art et Créations range.

For the past couple of years, scientific kits are the new trend! They allow you to make spa products, shampoos, soaps and even creams! They also help you discover the powers of water and light thanks to the Mystery range!

In 25 years, Véronique Debroise has created over 40 ranges of products, more than 10 of which have been awarded by professional juries of the toy and game industry, both in France and internationally.

Véronique Debroise is the laureate of the Vocation Fondation, the Jacques Douce Fondation and the Progress Fondation. She is also a Chevalier of the Honor of Merit and a Chevalier of the Order of Agricultural Merit, in reference to the 5 books she wrote on wines and aromatic plants.

In 2000, Véronique Debroise also created a range of home fragrances.


A permanent commitment to  "Made in France", sustainable products.

In order to ensure the best quality controls and to be as responsive as possible, the Sentosphère games are made in France. Our factory integrates specific knowledge and know-how to offer the best price-quality ratio. This is how 1 500 000 games are annually produced.

The factory pays close attention to environmental issues ; we therefore recycle all our waste and conceive compact products that use 80% of raw materials and components that are made less than 400 km away.

Our packaging is also designed to be more compact in order to minimize the adverse effects of over packs on our living environment.

Our logistics platform is located near major roads as to allow the quick delivery of containers all the while limiting the breaking bulks, travelled distances, and, inevitably, our CO2 emissions.




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