Patarev Styl "Sélène la Sirène"

Model the prettiest fish tails out of Patarev clay!

Patarev Stylist is a new concept to initiate all ages to the art of fashion design. With this kit, create the prettiest clothes out of a revolutionary clay: Patarev!
1. Spread out the clay thinly
2. Use the stencils to cut out the basic shapes
3. Drape and assemble them on the doll
4. Finish up the outfit by personalizing it with glitter, pearled patterns and Patarev decorations!

Once the clay has dried, you can cut it off the doll and start over. You can make more than 4 outfits with this kit!

A wonderful arts & crafts activity with endless creativity!


Package Contents :

• 1 articulated doll • 1 crown • 4 pots of air drying modelling clay • 1 stencil • 1 rolling pin • 1 sculpting knife • 1 tube of iridescent glitter • 1 set of step by step instructions

Réf : 8623


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