Le Loto Des Odeurs

FRAGRANT LOTTO is a great classic of educational games. With its 30 diffusers of scents of fruit, flowers or domestic items, a world of surprising perspectives will be discovered, allowing a very enriching interaction between children and their parents.

30 aromas : apricot, pineapple, banana, biscuits, blackcurrant, lemon, mushroom, honeysuckle, orange blossom, fennel, woodfire, strawberry, eucalyptus, grass, lavender, mint, orange, sea, melon, honey, lily of the valley, hazelnut, grapefruit, apple, pine, rose, soap, vanilla, violet.

Package Contents :

• 30 aroma diffusers • 5 illustrated gameboards • 2 sets of game rules

Réf : 101

4 years and +
1 to 5 players

Playing time :
20 min

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