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To celebrate the 25th. Anniversary of the game which saw the creation of Sentosphère, Véronique Debroise launches a new version with 20 new fragrances. This is a new reference game, designed to be a complementary, more affordable kit. The new, more dynamic packaging, is illustrated with fl owers, plants, fruit,… evoking all the olfactory experiences which will have to be recognized.

20 aromas : almond, pear, pencil, cinnamon, chocolate, furniture polish, hay, wild strawberry, jasmine, blackberry, walnut, orange, fig tree, liquorice, rhubarb, damp soil, tea thyme, lime tree.

Package Contents :

• 20 aroma diffusers • 5 illustrated gameboards • 1 set of game rules

Réf : 132

4 years and +
1 to 5 players

Playing time :
20 min

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