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  • This very original Advent Calendar will help you prepare Christmas by discovering a new smell everyday!

  • This tasting game, based on the Montessori method, will help children awaken their sense of taste and discover new aromas all the while having fun.

  • With gold and silver in your chests, and enough barrels for the entire crew, board your ship and go on an adventure across the world! During this strategic and olfactory game, called Spice Route, you will need to be the first player that comes home safely with spices that you will have thoroughly selected thanks to your sense of smell.

  • To win this fun tasting game, use your taste buds to recognise different aromas!

  • You can't stop playing to this fun tasting game, using this refill to recognise aromas!

  • During this fun olfactory game, get ready to be challenged by your sense of smell, your sense of sight your reflexes! To win, players will have to recognise fruit smells and be the first one to find them in the cards.