Soon Mother's Day and Father's Day !

Do you want to create your own cosmetic products to offer for Mother's Day or Father's Day?

Our DIY Cosmetic Kits are suitable for children, teenagers and also adults to make Perfumes, beauty products such as Soaps, Bath Bombs, Glosses and even Shower Gels!

Soon Mother's Day and Father's Day !


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Our boxes all offer natural ingredients, and as far as possible, vegan such as vegetable oils, natural waxes, baking soda. And in addition, our boxes are eco-designed and made in France!With floral, powdery, fruity, fresh, herbaceous or summery notes, what a great satisfaction to create your own toilet waters, your parents will be pleasantly surprised and also proud of you!
Creating soaps is very easy: just melt the glycerine base in a bain-marie or in the microwave, add a few drops of perfume and coloring and then pour the mixture into the pretty multi-shaped moulds. Once cooled, it is a real pleasure to unmold your creations with acid colors and delicate fragrances!Your mom always wears lipstick and you dream of having colored lips? Our Gloss Party box will allow you to create more than 10 different formulas of colored and scented lip glosses, balms or sticks. Some formulas even have magical effects that will turn the skin pink on contact!
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