Stickers Vitrail - Mandalas

Create beautiful window decorations by colouring in mandala stickers with translucent window colours!

  • 4 years +
  • DIY Activity
  • Sense of Colours

Content of the box

  • 8 tubes of stained glass paints
  • 3 transparent mandala stickers
  • 1 set of instructions
  • Made in France
  • Components

This kit offers several repositionable mandala stickers that you can paint with 8 window colours. In a couple hours, the paint will dry and become translucent! You will then be able to place your beautiful mandalas on your windows or your refrigerator.

Thanks to this creative activity, children, from the age of 4, will be able to create really pretty stained-glass decorations to embellish their windows, refrigerators, or any “cold” surface in their house. The result is always beautiful, thanks to 3D illustration outlines that act as guides to avoid going over the edge of the patterns.

The thin tip of window colour tubes and the fluidity of the paint guarantee that children will be able to fill in every single corner of the design.