Moulins à Vent

Create your own windmills by assembling multicoloured pre-cut and pre-perforated sheets.

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Moulins à Vent

11,00 €

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  • 5 years +
  • Made in France
  • 6 pre-cut and perforated sheets
  • 3 stems with caps and rotation devices
  • 1 set of instructions

Choose your favourite colours to create the perfect homemade windmills to play with once the sun and the wind are out!

All you need to do is fold the pre-cut and pre-perforated sheets of coloured paper, and assemble them thanks to the stems and rotating devices provided.

After having created your own windmills, have fun running around with it outdoors, or blowing on it indoors, to see how the wind activates the propellers!


  • • Box made of more than 80% recycled cardboard