Bougies Cristal

Create beautiful, translucent, colourful and scented crystal candles!

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Content of the box

  • 500 ml of “Crystal Candles“ gel
  • 3 colourants
  • 2 perfumes
  • 1 sachet of paraffin wax
  • 1 sachet of stars
  • 6 candlewicks of 10cm each
  • 5 droppers
  • 2 glasses
  • 1 mould with 2 shapes
  • 1 set of instructions
  • 8 years +
  • DIY Activity
  • Creating and concentrating
Bougies Cristal

30,00 €

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  • Made in France
  • Recycled components
  • Available refills

These translucent and colourful crystal candles can be decorated with beautiful inclusions such as flowers, glitter or even seashells!

Start by melting the crystal gel base. Add colours and fragrances before pouring them in the provided moulds containing candle wick. Before they cool down, do not hesitate to sprinkle decorations inside! You can also have layering different colours to create original candles.

After having enjoyed a fun creative activity, these candles will create a true relaxing atmosphere with their delicate scents, their dimmed lighting and their beautiful colours. Véritable émerveillement de tous les sens, ce coffret offrira une activité créative suivie d’un grand moment de détente ! En effet, une fois allumées, ces bougies dégageront de délicieuses odeurs ainsi qu’une ambiance tamisée chaleureuse !