Create a rainbow haired Unicorn!

You will need:

  • White, red, blue and yellow Patarev
  • 1 small sculpting knife

Step by step instructions:

  1. Create a ball for the head. Slightly shape its nose.
  2. Add nostrils and a mouth with the help of the sculpting knife. Add 2 little balls for the eyes.
  3. Make 2 small balls. Flatten them and fold them in half before placing them on the head. These are the ears.
  4. Mix yellow and white Patarev. Make 2 thin sausages and twirl them together. Place the horn on the head.
  5. Mix red and white Patarev to get pink.
  6. Mix blue and white Patarev to get a light blue.
  7. Mix some pink and some light blue to get a mauve.
  8. Make little balls of all these different colours, shape them into sausages and then place them on the head to make the bangs.
  9. Leave the head to dry. In the meantime, make a big peanut shape for the body.
  10. Place the head on the body.
  11. Create the wings and place them on the back of the body. If necessary, add other hair strands to link the head to the body.
  12. Make 4 big sausages for the legs. At the end of each leg, add a small flattened ball for the hoofs.
  13. Place the legs on the unicorn.
  14. Add the tail.
  15. Leave your unicorn to dry before playing with it!