Tableaux à Pailleter - Danseuses du Monde

During this artistic activity, add sparkle to these beautiful dancer illustrations with 6 colours of glitter.

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Tableaux à Pailleter - Danseuses du Monde

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  • 5 years +
  • Made in France
  • 4 pre-cut , adhesive illustrated boards
  • 6 tubes of glitter
  • 1 plastic knife to remove the protective layer
  • 1 paintbrush to spread the glitter
  • 1 set of instructions

Enhance these dancer illustrations by adding glitter to detail the patterns of their clothes and jewels.

This creative kit provides coloured glitter to enhance beautiful, pre-cut and adhesive illustrations. Children can easily peel off different details of each illustration and decorate them with sparkling colours to create amazing glitter boards. They will only need to follow several easy steps:

1. Peel off the protective layer of the zone you wish to add glitter to;
2. Pour glitter on top;
3. Use the brush to spread out the glitter to cover up the entire zone;
4. Admire the sparkling result, and start again with another colour!

This arts & crafts activity is as magical as it is fun! The result is guaranteed to encourage children in the creative journey.

  • • Box made of more than 80% recycled cardboard