Sensory games & activities

Discover Sentosphere’s awakening games and kits around the 5 senses. Thanks to educational board games and arts and crafts activities, all ages will be able to awaken their sense of smell, touch, taste, sight and hearing. Sensory games are perfect to awaken ones senses and help you discover the world surrounding you through a different lenses.

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  • This olfactory game, also called Follow your Nose, will help all ages awaken their sense of smell with its 30 smell capsules.

  • With this creative, cosmetic and scientific kit, discover all the secrets of perfume making before creating your own eaux de toilettes!

  • This creative and cosmetic laboratory will help you make beautiful syndet sop bars thanks to the high-quality transparent glycerine base provided.

  • To win this fun tasting game, use your taste buds to recognise different aromas!

  • With this culinary kit, create delicious candies with beef gelatine and natural aromas! A fun activity to share with family and friends.

  • Who does not love chocolate? This DIY culinary kit will let children create their own sweets with natural aromas and beautiful decorations.

  • This educative game,  based on the Montessori method, will help children awaken their sense of touch by discovering different textures!

  • Softine is a unique modelling clay that never dries, does not stick and does not stain. Its soft texture will allow young children to easily mould, thanks to the provided cookie cutters, cute bunnies, puppies, kittens and squirrels!

  • This maxi creative kit provides 8 Patarev pots, multiple illustrated step by step instructions and creative supports to model cute figurines in a unique airdrying clay.

  • Enjoy this creative kit and its watercolour inks to colour, without being able to paint over the outlines, to these four beautiful fish.

  • Enjoy this fun arts & crafts activity to add texture with coloured sand to beautiful illustrations representing iconic African animals.

  • This fun sensory and educational game will help you develop your reflexes and your sense of hearing!