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Aquarellum Treasure Map

25 Mars 2020
Aquarellum Treasure Map

Let's go on an adventure and let's create a... Treasure map! It's very easy, all you need is your imagination, paper, and a little bit of Aquarellum inks!

You will need:

  • Aquarellum inks and a palette
  • 1 piece of paper (you can use regular paper)
  • 1 clean sponge
  • water
  • Coloured crayons, stickers, whaterver you need to personalise your treasure map!


Step by step instructions:

  1. Rip off the edges of your piece of paper. It does not need to be neat! The messier the better, as a true pirate would say!
  2. Once you are done creating a parchment shape you are satisfied with, use a wet sponge to humidify the entire paper surface.
  3. In your palette, mix red, blue and yellow Aquarellum inks with the dropper to get a nice brown colour.
  4. With a paint brush, randomly place different brown stains all over the wet paper. You will get a very vintage look if you don't place the stains homogeneously. It will be very pretty if some zones are darker than others.
  5. Before the ink stains have time to dry, take the wet sponge to smudge the stains and dilute them. Rub the paper with soft circular motions until you get a satisfying result. You can always improve your pattern by adding more brown stains, and diluting them again. Repeat these different steps until you get the perfect result.
  6. Leave the paper to dry. You can also use a hair dryer if you want to accelerate that step.
  7. Now, it's creativity time! Use your imagination, your paintbrush and your crayons to create your imaginary world!
  8. You can trace out an island, and a compass.
  9. You can add the Pirates' headquarters and where they hid their treasure!
  10. You can even add the names of different locations on your map!

Once you are done, let the adventure begin!

Our trick: You can try to reproduce your bedroom or your living room on your map to try and organise a realy treasure hunt in your house!