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Christmas candle holder

07 Décembre 2020
Christmas candle holder

Make your own candle holders to add to your Christmas decoration, it's very easy!

Materials you will need:

  • A glass jar (recycle your yogurt jars)
  • A plastic sleeve
  • Printed illustrations
  • Window Colors (which you will find in our Mobile Vitrail, Crystal Flor, Rings en Folie & Bijoux en Folie boxes)
  • A tea light candle

  1. Choose a drawing you want to reproduce
  2. Place your model in a plastic sleeve
  3. Start painting the outlines of the drawing with your Window Colors
  4. Let the edges dry (about 1 hour)
  5. When the edges are a bit dark, color the rest of the drawing. Leave to dry (about 5 hours)
  6. Once the design is dry (it needs to be translucent), you can peel it off.
  7. Then place it on the glass jar!
  8. Add a tea light candle inside your jar. Your candle holder is ready to light up!