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Christmas Napkin Rings

17 Décembre 2020
 Christmas Napkin Rings

Make your own Christmas decoration and embellish your table by transforming your toilet paper rolls into Christmas napkin rings.

Materials you will need:

  • A roll of toilet paper
  • Acrylic paint found in our Colorizzy boxes
  • Patarev in the colors of your choice
  • A brush

  1. Cut your toilet paper roll vertically

  2. Then cut it horizontally this time to make 3 napkin rings

The Christmas gift napkin ring 

  1. Paint the toilet paper the color of your choice (in red here)
  2. To make a small gift, take green Patarev: make a ball that you will flatten on each side to form a square. Make 2 balls, in white, much smaller this time. Roll these in 2 sausage balls that you will flatten and place on your green square to make the ribbons around the gift.
  3. To make the bow of your gift, make 3 small balls of the same size. Turn 2 balls into drope shapes that you will flatten. Place the third ball between them to form the bow that you will put at the top of your base.
  4. Let the gift air dry for a few hours
  5. When it is dry, stick it on your also dry toilet paper ring. That's it !

The Snowman napkin ring 

  1. Paint the toilet paper roll in the color of your choice (in green here)

  2. To make a snowman, make 2 white Patarev balls (1 bigger than the other) then flatten them to form the body of your snowman.
  3. Make a small orange ball by mixing red Patarev with white Patarev to make the nose of the snowman.
  4. Transform your small orange ball into a drop shape that you will flatten slightly and place on your snowman to make the nose.
  5. Then make 5 very small green balls to make the eyes and buttons on the body of the snowman.
  6. Finally, to make the scarf, form 3 balls of the color of your choice. Roll a first ball to make a sausage that you will wrap around the neck of your snowman. Then with the 2 other balls, make 2 drop shapes that you will flatten and add to your scarf
  7. Let your Patarev creation air dry
  8. When it is dry, place your snowman on your toilet paper ring painted with glue. Your second napkin ring is ready!

The Candy cane napkin ring

  1. Paint the toilet paper roll with the color of your choice (in white here)
  2. Make 2 balls of the same size of different color in Patarev.
  3. Form 2 sausages that you will assemble together first and twist them together.
  4. Curve the top to form a candy cane
  5. Let your creation dry for a few hours
  6. When the candy cane is dry, stick it to your previously painted toilet paper ring and it's ready!