Sablimage Mini Animaux Exotiques

Children will love this creative activity to add colour and texture to 4 sand art illustrations inspired by Aboriginal art!

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Sablimage Mini Animaux Exotiques

9,00 €

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  • 4 years +
  • Made in France
  • 9 small pots of coloured sand
  • 4 small precut adhesive boards
  • 1 small plastic knife
  • 1 set of instructions

Enjoy this mini kit to create four sand art masterpieces! With the provided colours of sand, have fun adding colour and texture to these Australian animals.

This mini range was specially designed to initiate young children to sand art! Sablimage is a fun arts & crafts range that was specially designed so that you children can easily and freely create sand art, without making a mess. Each kit contains:

  • 4 highly qualitative, thick and pre-cut adhesive boards with a protective layer, perfect for children, even the younger ones, to easily peel off each section of the illustration.
  • Illustrations with printed outlines, so that children can easily spot the illustration and the different sections to peel off.
  • A small plastic knife to help children peel off the different sections of the illustrations.
  • More than 15 pots of coloured sand so that children can have a wide range in choice of colour, and enough sand to finish all the boards provided in the kit.
  • A made in France activity.

Just remove the pre-cut protective surface and sprinkle over the different colours of sand. With every added colour, each illustration will come to life and turn into a true masterpiece. A fun, perfect and guaranteed result for artists of all ages!


  • • Box made of more than 80% recycled cardboard • Tray made of 70% recycled plastic
  • Refill - illustrated boards - ref. 880R à 898R Refill - blank boards to cut out - ref. 891 Refill - 22 pots of coloured sand - ref. 890