Ma Fabrique à Bonbons

With this culinary kit, create delicious candies with beef gelatine and natural aromas! A fun activity to share with family and friends.

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Ma Fabrique à Bonbons

26,00 €

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  • 7 years +
  • Made in France
  • Shelf life
  • 4 natural aromas
  • 1 pot of citric acid
  • 1 mould with 24 shapes
  • 1 beaker
  • 1 measuring spoon
  • 4 droppers
  • 1 spatula
  • 2 sachets of 20g of a gelling agent
  • 1 mixing pot
  • 1 small spoon
  • 1 set of instructions

This creative laboratory will help you create 750g of home-made delicious sweets out of beef gelatine and natural aromas and different mould shapes.

Natural aromas presented in the kit

Mandarin, Strawberry, Banana and Lemon.

Safe ingredients and formulas

This DIY kit has been tested according to the Toy and Food regulations. All the ingredients and formulas it presents are non-toxic and are completely safe for children to eat.


Gelatine: Gélatine de bœuf.

Strawberry aroma: Eau, Alcool, Stabilisant : glycérol, Arôme naturel Fraise des Bois [Alcool, Eau, E1520, sirop de sucre], Colorant : E124.

Banana aroma: Alcool, Stabilisant : E1520, Arôme naturel de Banane [E1520, E1518], Eau, colorant : E102.

Mandarin aroma: Alcool, Stabilisant : E1520, Huile essentielle de mandarine rouge Italie, Eau, colorant : E124, E110, E102.

Lemon aroma: Alcool, Stabilisant : E1520, Huile essentielle de citron, Eau, colorant : E133, E102.

Fruit acid: acidi ant : E330.

  • • Box made of more than 80% recycled cardboard • Tray made of 70% recycled plastic
  • Refill - Ma Fabrique à Bonbons - ref. 270