Discover the art of modelling with our wonderful Patarev clay: it air dries and does not stick or stain!

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  • Have fun modelling cute figurines with Patarev, an airdrying modelling clay with the most amazing texture!

  • Create adorable figurines with Patarev, a creative modelling clay with a unique texture that air dries!

  • With this creative kit, model adorable figurines with Patarev, a modelling clay with a unique texture that air dries!

  • This kit provides 10 Patarev colours to model cute figurines with a unique, airdrying clay.

  • This maxi creative kit provides 8 Patarev pots, multiple illustrated step by step instructions and creative supports to model cute figurines in a unique airdrying clay.

  • Combine Patarev clay with chenille rods to create fun, multicoloured zoo animals!

  • This 2 in 1 creative kit is perfect to play house! Start by modelling fruits and vegetables with airdrying and then play with the provided crates, baskets and scale to turn your creations into the most beautiful market stall.

  • Dress your pencils with fun animals made out of Patarev, an airdrying clay with a unique texture!

  • Easily create your own items of jewellery with Patarev, the best airdrying clay, and personalise them with rhinestones and glitter!

  • Create beautiful fairies with Patarev, an airdrying clay with the best texture, and beautiful fabric flowers.

  • This kit provides a unique airdrying clay and easy step by step instructions to create the prettiest cupcakes!

  • Create the most adorable robots out of Patarev clay, and bring them to life with walking mechanisms and LED lights!