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At Sentosphere, our goal is to create eco-friendly games and creative leisure kits to have fun with all while being responsible. Find out more about our commitments to the planet.

At Sentosphere, our goal is to design games and creative leisure kits to have fun while learning and awakening your senses. But our mission doesn't stop there! We have always been committed to mobilizing for the well-being of our children and the planet in order to contribute to the establishment of a more responsible and sustainable economy and society. Our CSR policy revolves around several pillars, namely: French manufacturing, respect for the environment, and irreproachable quality. We hope to extend this eco-design a little more each day to limit our impact on our planet.

What is eco-design?

 Eco-design consists of considering environmental impact starting at the conception of a product and throughout all stages of its life cycle. This is what we seek to do today with each new product but also by improving our already existing products.

Sentosphere takes into account all stages of our products’ development, from the extraction of raw materials to end-of-life processing, through manufacturing, transport-logistics and finally, the use of our toys.

Eco-design seeks the right compromise between the environment and all the other constraints related to the design of a product. It integrates environmental considerations in the same way as technical feasibility, cost and time control, marketing...

We adopt good environmental practices and adopt an eco-responsible distinction since our creation but we aim to always do better and minimize our impacts!

  Made in France and promoting French know-how

Conscious of our Impact on the environment that our consummation can have, we did not wait for climate urgency to manufacture in France, in our ozn factories. We place a priority on short circuits and a circular eocno,y zhile putting a privilege on eco-design from the beginning to the end.

To best respect the environment, our games are developed in our Parisian labrotory then manufactured in our two French factories zhich use 80% raw materials sourced in France. This permits us to:

  • Gain in reactivity all while sustaining the French know-how. Indeed; manufacturing in France allows us to maintain jobs while investing in French production capacity.
  • Control the quality of our boxes as well as possible.
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of our products.

A French manufacture that is close to our hearts! Our first factory, based in Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines, manufactures perfumes, paints and cosmetic bases for our boxes; it is also our logistics platform and our main packaging site.

The second, located in the Drôme, manufactures from recycled cardboard all our game boxes and cardboard elements to offer eco-responsible and quality products!

Eco-responsible products that respect our planet

On top of manufacturing in France, we ensure that eco-design is at the heart of our product design and product development logic. Very conscious about environmental issues, Sentosphere is committed today, and has always been, to sustainable development, by continuously improving its products to help build a more responsible and environmentally friendly future. Beginning at our product’s design phase, we seek to create the best concepts that allow you to have fun while taking into account the environment, which the products’ durability. Our eco-design revolves around several points:

  • In order to limit the environmental impact of the exploitation of our natural resources, we make sure to use recycled materials:
    1. Our paint bottles are made of 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.
    2.   Our pallets and the wedges of our boxes are made of 70% recycled plastic and are 100% recyclable.
    3. All our boxes, game boards and tokens are made of recycled cardboard and FSC certified. The FSC label is an environmental label which certifies that cardboard comes from responsibly and sustainably managed forests or plantations. But our eco-design doesn't stop there!
    4. Our prints are certified Imprim'vert. The Imprim'vert label is awarded to printers who decide to reduce the impact of printing on the planet through strategic, ecological and Made in France choices.

  • We make sure to design compact products to limit the harmful effects of overpackaging. 

  • We produce the right quantity in relation to the demands of our customers.

  • Many refills are available to offer a second life to our products. We advocate the reuse of our products in order to ensure their consumption in a sustainable logic.

  • The life cycle of our products is optimized to last over time.
    1.  We are generous with our boxes’ contents so that you can fully enjoy the experiences on offer. We design products that last over time. Indeed, the Lotto of Odors, Soaps & Scents, Aquarelum, Sablimage... have all been around for more than 25 years.
    2. When we develop a concept, we do not ennvision its end of life, we value the educational contribution it can offer and invest so that it lasts. We believe in reasoned consumption guided by quality and not quantity.
  • We are increasingly designing zero-waste packaging that can be reused to play, like our concept box that converts into a frame. Since the depletion of resources is a reality, and the consumption of resources must be done more responsibly, recycling and reusing becomes a civic act. Thanks to our innovative packaging, recycling and reuse become fun and an integral part of the game.

The eco-design of our products and the analysis of their manufacturing to limit its environmental impact are therefore at the heart of the issues that are dear to us.

To be able to offer you wonderful, eco-designed artistic, scientific, or sensory experiences that respect the planet, all these choices are for us an economic and environmental obvious. We are committed to continuing our commitment to the planet and future generations by thinking every day about new eco-design alternatives, innovating in our manufacturing processes, and constantly using more recycled and recyclable raw materials.

By buying the French sentosphère games, you are sure of the educational content they present, and their responsible quality!

Impeccable quality to offer you the best

The advantage of manufacturing in France is that we perfectly master all the stages of production of our eco-responsible products and can ensure and prove that they meet the cumulative standards of the toy, cosmetics and food industries. All our experiences are suitable for the most fragile skin starting at 3 years old.

Eco-design involves designing products while taking into account the environment. But that doesn't stop us from continuing to innovate and invest in research and development in a sustainable way.

Always striving for perfection, we make sure to improve our concepts every year, for example by evolving content or packaging. This was the case for the Aquarellum product range for which we changed all paint bottles in 2020 to use a plastic that is now 100% recycled and recyclable. A French game which we are very proud of!

Each year, we also seek to present you with new products offering sensory experiences that are always more amazing than the ones before. In fact, our products regularly receiver awards such as the ‘Grand Prix du Jouet’ (Topscent in 2016 and the Loto des Sons in 2020) or the ‘Etoiles du Jouet’ (l'Atelier de Résine in 2020). This year we have evolved one of our flagship products, Sablimage, to transform it into an even more eco-responsible product: The ConceptBox. In our constant search for improvement, we have thus increased the durability of this product by making the new packaging double as a frame. We don't throw away the packaging, we give it a second life. It is reused and becomes an integral part of the proposed activity! Designing an even more eco-responsible product is our mission!

Finally, the prices of our creations are reasoned and reasonable. For example, the price of the Loto des Odeurs has not changed since the beginning: 200 francs in 1989 and 33 euros today. This goes to show, a French manufacture in a sustainable and eco-responsible way can also offer accessible prices!