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  • This tasting game, based on the Montessori method, will help children awaken their sense of taste and discover new aromas all the while having fun.

  • Softine is a unique modelling clay that never dries, does not stick and does not stain. Its soft texture will allow young children to easily mould, thanks to the provided cookie cutters, cute fish, dolphins and seahorses!

  • This game, based on the Montessori method, will help children awaken their sense of sight and learn all about colours all the while having fun.

  • Starting 4 years old, children will enjoy this fun arts & crafts activity to create beautiful sand art representing beautiful fish, dolphins, turtles and octopuses!

  • Enjoy this creative kit to paint, without being able to go over the outlines, these four beautiful animals!

  • Children will love this creative activity to add colour and texture to 4 sand art illustrations of cute animals!

  • Thanks to this fun, easy and creative activity, add shiny metallic details to these cute fish and seahorse illustrations.

  • Enjoy this creative kit and its watercolour inks to colour, without being able to paint over the outlines, to these four beautiful fish.

  • Have fun modelling a cute lion with Patarev, an airdrying modelling clay with the most amazing texture!

  • These little owl shaped suncatchers can be coloured in with translucent window colours before being assembled into a mobile to decorate a child’s room.

  • This fun sensory and educational game will help you develop your reflexes and your sense of hearing!