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  • This perfume workshop is a true cosmetic and creative laboratory that contains green, floral, fruity and hesperidia notes so that children can easily create their first perfumes and eaux de toilette!

  • This fun scientific kit will help you discover the surprising powers of polymer molecules by creating artificial snow, colourful water beads and bouncing balls!

  • This creative and cosmetic laboratory will help you make beautiful syndet sop bars thanks to the high-quality transparent glycerine base provided.

  • Have fun creating a sparkling work of art by adding multicoloured sequins to this beautiful peacock illustration.

  • Have fun mixing these 9 watercolour inks to create beautiful gradients and see the 3 masked illustrations magically appear. With each added colour, magnificent dolphins will be brought to life.

  • With the provided acrylic paints, paint these beautiful budgies to bring them to life by following the printed numbers on the canvases.

  • This 2 in 1 creative kit is perfect to play house! Start by modelling fruits and vegetables with airdrying and then play with the provided crates, baskets and scale to turn your creations into the most beautiful market stall.

  • With this culinary kit, create delicious candies with beef gelatine and natural aromas! A fun activity to share with family and friends.

  • Create beautiful jewellery boxes by covering the provided canvases with thousands of colourful diamonds before sticking them on white boxes.

  • Create cute charms, keychains and magnets all the while discovering the magic of shrinkable plastic!

  • Discover the great principles of the crystallisation phenomenon and grow incredible crystals in just a few days!

  • This kit provides a unique airdrying clay and easy step by step instructions to create the prettiest cupcakes!