Creating & Inventing


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  • Create a beautiful bouquet of crepe paper roses that will last forever.

  • During this fun artistic activity, make these cute princesses sparkle by adding multicoloured glitter to these illustrations.

  • Enjoy this fun arts & crafts activity to add texture with coloured sand to these 4 beautiful horses.

  • Guided by printed numbers, artists of all levels will be able to create beautiful paintings unicorns with vibrant colours!

  • Create beautiful fairies with Patarev, an airdrying clay with the best texture, and beautiful fabric flowers.

  • Children will love this creative activity to add colour and texture to 4 sand art illustrations of beautiful mermaids!

  • Have fun dressing a beautiful unicorn figurine with Patarev and Patabul’ clays.

  • This kit offers a creative activity to bring these 2 beautiful mermaids to life with water-based inks! Once the lights are out, the outlines will still magically appear as they glow in the dark!

  • Any fan of mystical creatures and Greek mythology will love to paint these 3 beautiful Pegasuses with non-toxic watercolours.  With each added colour, intricate details will magically appear and these beautiful animals will be brought to life.

  • Thanks to this creative kit, children will be able to colour in princess shaped suncatchers with window colour paints before assembling them into a beautiful mobile.

  • Create 8 beautiful flowers with translucent window colours to decorate your home!

  • With this creative kit, children will be able to create their own bracelets with window colours!