Creating & Inventing


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  • With this culinary kit, create delicious candies with beef gelatine and natural aromas! A fun activity to share with family and friends.

  • Enjoy this creative kit and its watercolour inks to paint, without being able to paint over the outlines, these four mystical dragons!

  • Dress your pencils with fun animals made out of Patarev, an airdrying clay with a unique texture!

  • A fascinating creative activity to help children discover sand art by adding texture and colour to beautiful dinosaur illustrations.

  • An ingenious technique that consists in transferring metallic pigments onto pre-sized and pre-cut magnets. It’s magical and mess-free!

  • Guided by printed numbers, artists of all levels will be able to create beautiful paintings of fish and seahorses with vibrant colours!

  • Have fun placing thousands of multicoloured rhinestones on an adhesive canvas to create a beautiful tiger!

  • Create your own windmills by assembling multicoloured pre-cut and pre-perforated sheets.

  • Thanks to this creative kit and its watercolour inks, enjoy a relaxing moment by painting, without being able to go over the outlines, four cute owls!

  • Create the most adorable robots out of Patarev clay, and bring them to life with walking mechanisms and LED lights!

  • A beautiful solar system and cool robots! Enjoy a creative activity to bring these 2 paintings to life with water-based inks! Once the lights are out, the outlines will still magically appear as they glow in the dark!

  • Follow the printed numbers on the canvas to create true works of art! With each added colour, a beautiful lion and a magnificent giraffe will be brought to life!