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  • Enjoy this fun, innovating and fascinating scientific kit that will help you discover the world of chemistry and physics through 30 concrete experiments!

  • Have fun with this creative kit to paint and bring back to life the Perrault Fairy Tales, without being able to go over the outlines.

  • This kit is for all Slime fans out there: have fun creating new textures with non-toxic natural rubber powder and cosmetic colourants!

  • Thanks to this small scientific laboratory, have fun discovering different experiments with effervescent reactions.

  • Enjoy this fun arts & crafts activity to add texture with coloured sand to these boards illustrating the most famous la Fontaine Fables.

  • This fun scientific kit will help you discover the surprising powers of polymer molecules by creating artificial snow, colourful water beads and bouncing balls!

  • Discover the great principles of the crystallisation phenomenon and grow incredible crystals in just a few days!

  • Who does not love chocolate? This DIY culinary kit will let children create their own sweets with natural aromas and beautiful decorations.

  • Discover the amazing powers of water through fun, educational experiments!

  • A beautiful solar system and cool robots! Enjoy a creative activity to bring these 2 paintings to life with water-based inks! Once the lights are out, the outlines will still magically appear as they glow in the dark!