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  • The little chemist apprentices will be astonished by the numerous experiments of this kit to discover different types of Slimes and textures made of non-toxic natural rubber powder and cosmetic colourants.

  • Dive into this giant illustration and have fun colouring in all these underwater details with the 20 provided colours! You can also enjoy the unique and smooth texture of this tearproof and waterproof paper.

  • Combine Patarev clay with chenille rods to create fun, multicoloured zoo animals!

  • Enjoy this creative kit and its 9 watercolour inks to create beautiful gradients and bring 3 beautiful dragons to life. With each added colour, the masked patterns of their scales will magically appear.

  • Have fun placing thousands of multicoloured rhinestones on an adhesive canvas to create a beautiful tiger!

  • Thanks to this kit, have fun colouring in this pretty world map presenting all animals living across the globe! You can either enjoy a creative moment alone, or paint this giant format with your loved ones.

  • This fun scientific kit will help you discover the surprising powers of polymer molecules by creating artificial snow, colourful water beads and bouncing balls!

  • Follow the printed numbers on the canvas to create true works of art! With each added colour, a beautiful lion and a magnificent giraffe will be brought to life!

  • This creative and cosmetic laboratory will help you make beautiful syndet sop bars thanks to the high-quality transparent glycerine base provided.

  • Discover the great principles of the crystallisation phenomenon and grow incredible crystals in just a few days!

  • Thanks to this creative and cosmetic laboratory, create 10 colourful and delicately scented bath bombs that will effervesce in your bath so that you can enjoy a relaxing moment.

  • Bring a cute hummingbird to life by pinning multicoloured sequins on a beautiful illustration.