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  • During this fun olfactory game, get ready to be challenged by your sense of smell, your sense of sight your reflexes! To win, players will have to recognise fruit smells and be the first one to find them in the cards.

  • Enjoy this fun scientific and cosmetic kit to create your own soaps all the while discovering the great principles of saponification!

  • To win this fun tasting game, use your taste buds to recognise different aromas!

  • Enjoy this fun arts & crafts activity to add texture with coloured sand to these boards illustrating the most famous la Fontaine Fables.

  • Enjoy this fun, innovating and fascinating scientific kit that will help you discover the world of chemistry and physics through 30 concrete experiments!

  • Thanks to this creative kit and its watercolour inks, artists will be able to bring the Grimm Fairy Tales back to life, without being able to go over the outline.

  • Follow the instructions and easily fold these printed papers to bring to life beautiful origamis!

  • This scientific kit will help you discover the migration and crystallisation phenomenon by creating an enchanted forest.

  • Become a true fashion designer by creating the most beautiful party dresses for Chloe out of Patarev! This unique modelling clay airdries and is very easy to work with.

  • Thanks to this small scientific laboratory, have fun discovering different experiments with effervescent reactions.

  • This fun scientific kit will help you discover the surprising powers of polymer molecules by creating artificial snow, colourful water beads and bouncing balls!

  • Discover the great principles of the crystallisation phenomenon and grow incredible crystals in just a few days!